A ll about Visa Extension

some useful info about your visa extension in Iran:

1. extension is possible in any major cities of Iran

2. everybody can be eligible for a visa extension ?

3. You can pretend to a visa extension only once if you got your visa at the airport "Visa On Arrival". In theory, you can be able to extend your visa for 15 supplementary days, which means double your original visa (from 15 to 30 days).

In practice, you can see your demand getting deny or to see yourself given less than the duration you asked for. The extension refusal is still random, and can only depend of the mood of the agent in front of you.

Nevertheless, it seems much easier to extend your visa if you had previously obtain it prior to your arrival in Iran, meaning the original 30 days visa that you can get from your embassy. You can extend it one or twice, which means a 30 days visa can become a 90 days visa thanks to 2 extensions.

4.you need to bring these documents to extension your visa"

- Two identity photos (women must wear a scarf)

- A photocopy of your passport identity page, a photocopy of your original Iranian visa and a photocopy of the Iranian stamp if it's not on the same page as your visa.

(Most of the time, you can photocopy your passport on the office against a fee)

5. The cost for a visa extension is 345 000 rials, around 10 euros. Price is subject to change. You will have to go to a "Melli Bank" in order to make the payment, and then come back to the office with your receipt.

6.You can extend your visa in any major cities in Iran (Tehran, Shiraz, Ispahan, Yazd, Mashhad and many more). You will have to go to the "Police Office of Foreign Affairs". Feel free to ask advices to our agency or to your hotel to get to this address and know the opening hours. We would rather warn you that this office can be a little chaotic, depending of the town.

 7.There is no general rules as it depends where you apply for this extension. It can be done during the same day or a couple of days maximum. We advice you to extend your visa 3 or 4 days before the end of your current visa, as it is nearly impossible to extend if you have too many days left on your visa.

summary of what happen to you when you are going to extension your visa:

After your arrival to the "Police Office of Foreign Affairs", you will have to let your phone, camera and backpacks at the entrance. This office is usually crowded, but you will often find an English speaker to help you. Make yourself known at the desk that should give you a form. You will have to fill it with your personnel details, reasons of the extension and how long do you want to extend. Once you get this form done, you will be directed towards a "Melli" bank to pay. Easiest solution is to get there via a taxi. In the bank, you will have to pay an amount of 345 000 rials (october 2015). The staff will not necessarily speak English but all the indications are written on a paper from the extension office. Once you make the payment, they will give you a receipt and you will have to comeback to "Police Office of Foreign Affairs" to finalize your application. When all the documents has been given, it can take 15 minutes or a few days for you to get your extension.

pay attention: You can only pretend to a visa extension in the last days of the validity of your visa. It means you will find a hard time extending your visa if it is still valid for 10 days, but it will get possible 3 or 4 days before the end.