On Arrival Airport Visa

 On Arrival Visa:

The charge for an "On Arrival Visa" is now 30 € per person and you need to pay the embassy fee at IKA.

According to the new law emitted by the Iranian Ministry of Foreigns Affairs, every citizens can obtain a 30 days Iranian visa in every international airports of Iran. This process is not available only for citizens from( UK, USA, Canada, Iraq, Jordan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Colombia and most of African countries).

International airports are in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad, Tabriz, Kermanshah.
Although you can now take this visa on arrival without invitation, we still suggest you to get one, in order to be sure to avoid being not granted a visa at the airport and to cut off the process time at the airport.

Items which the Visa applicant should mention on the Visa Request Form:

1. I agree that all of the above information is correct, and I am responsible for any mistake in the information I have given.

2. I guarantee that I will submit the required visa fee (30 €) to the account of PTA once I have received confirmation from PTA that my request for a visa has been granted.

3. I agree to travel according to my prearranged itinerary. If I decide to change my travel plans, I will inform PTA.

4. I pledge to obey all the laws of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Visa at the Airport (Visa On Arrival)

It is now possible to obtain your visa for Iran when you arrive in the airport. This process is named "Visa On Arrival" and is possible in 7 differents internationals iranians airports :

- Imam Khomeini (Aéroport International de Téhéran, abbréviation IKA)
- Isfahan
- Shiraz
- Mashhad
- Tabriz
- Gheshm Island
- Kish Island
Thanks to this visa, you will be granted a period of 15 days to visit Iran. You have to know that the risk of being deny the visa is possible even though the odds are slim.


 DOCUMENTS: Its very important to bring idendity photos (women hav to wear a scarf) and attestation of insurance for your stay in Iran. There is the possibility that none of these documents will be required but being careful is important as the process of obtaining a visa at the airport is relatively new.

You don't need letter of invitation or an authorisation number to get the visa. You will have to fulfill a form at the airport and pay a fee.

COST: It depends of your nationality, if you are an EU citizens you should expect to pay an amount around 50/60 euros. You have the possibility to pay in US Dollars.

 Iran is currently faciliting the way to obtain the visa and it's possible that informations mentionned above are no longer relevant by the time you would enter Iran. We apologize for any trouble that could occur and invite you to contact before your departure in order to know about the current situation.

This process is not available for the following citizens :


  •      Afghanistan
  •      Bangladesh
  •      Canada
  •      Colombia
  •      India
  •      Iraq
  •      Jordan
  •      Kazakhstan
  •      Kyrgyzstan
  •      Pakistan
  •      Somalia
  •      Tajikistan
  •      Turkmenistan
  •      United Kingdom
  •      United States
  •      Uzbekistan