Nature of Shiraz

Major rivers: Kor river originates in the mountains of Eghlid, passes over Shiraz province, and finally pours into the Bakhtegan lake. Margan and Chobakhleh rivers are the tributaries of this river. The most important river of Mamassani, Fahliyan River, provides great potentials for recreation. Other major rivers of this province are Shadkam, Aghaj and Pirab. Bakhtegan and Tashk Lakes: These two lakes lie in the eastern and northeastern parts of Shiraz city at an altitude of 1,558 m above sea level, Kor River connects these two lakes to each other. The area of the basin of these lakes is more than 20,000 km2. These are considered to be two of the largest lakes of Iran. Bakhtegan Lake is 750 km2 in area, and Tashk Lake, 422 km2. Tashk Lake enjoys beautiful islands such as Narges Island and Pelican Island. These lakes play an important role in the climatic conditions of the province and the flora and fauna of the region. Parishan Lake, 15 km from Kazeroon city, is another major lake of Fars province which has fresh water and provides great opportunities for recreation. Other lakes of Fars province are Shadkam near Eghlid city, and Arjan, 60 km from Shiraz. A large number of natural sights including rivers, springs, lakes and impressive gardens provide great attraction to this province. The most important natural sights in Ears are: Atashkade (Eire-Temple) on Shiraz-Estahban road, Estahban forest Miyan Kotal south of Shiraz, Tang Tizab northwest of Sepidan, and Band Bahman in Shiraz city. Amongst the major gardens of this province are Eram, Delghosha, Golshan and Takht. The major highlands of Fars province are: Mount Sefid-whose peak is 3,943 m above sea level, and lies near Eghlid; Mount Kharman Kouh, 3,183 m near Fassa; and Mount Touraj, 3,150 m.