Nature of Mashhad

Major rivers: Atrak, 500 km long, is one of the longest rivers of Iran. It originates in mountains around Ghoochan, runs westwards, passes over a long distance and finally ends in the Caspian Sea. Its average width is 4 m, and its depth one m. The area of the basin of this river is 28,500 km. At certain points along the river, the banks provide excellent opportunities for recreation. Other major rivers of this province are Gharah-Sou River, 255 km, and Kashf-rood River, 300 km long. Bazangan Lake: This is the only lake in this province. It is 12 m deep on average, and 80 hectares in area, situated south of Hezar-Masjed Mountains. The major hot water springs of this province are: Shahan-Garmab which lies on the Mashhad - Sarakhs road; Taleghan-Kouh spring water, 8 km from Sabzevar-Neyshabour road; and Ghouchan - Garmab spring, on Shirvan-Ghoochan road. The valleys that lie close to the Atrak and Kashf-rood rivers provide great opportunities for recreation, Kouh-Sangi promenade bordering on Mashhad and Oghaz region in Shirvan is one of the natural promenades in this province. The highest peaks of this province are the peak of Hezar-Masjed, with a height of 3,250 m, located between Ghoochan and Dargaz, and the peak of Binalood, 3,150 m high, in the eastern parts of Alborz range.