Nature of Kish

The Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman, whose coasts provide excellent opportunities for recreation in the cool seasons, lie to the south of this province. In winter, when most of the regions of Iran have cold weather and are covered in snow, the moderate climate of these coasts offers good opportunities for receiving tourists. In addition to their impressive coasts, they also have a wide collection of aquatic species. There are about 200 species of fish and many different types of oysters and corals In the Persian Gulf. The ports and islands of the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman are considered as the most significant commercial and shipping centers of Iran. Qeshm Island, the largest and most populated island of the Persian Gulf, enjoys a relatively better climate than other islands of the region. Thanks to its numerous historic landmarks and also large expanses of forest, this island has a great deal of attraction, Kish Island, with its coral reefs, is one of the most beautiful islands of the world. On this island the oldest historic monuments are situated beside modern buildings, Other islands of the Persian Gulf are the Hormoz volcanic island, mountainous island of Lark, Lavan which has pearls in abundance, and the island of Farur with its wild birds. The major rivers of this province are Minab (close to the city of Minab), Kal-Shour and Mehran, Hormozgan province is very rich in mineral water, Among the mineral water springs one can mention Geno to the northeast of Bandar-Abbas, Badoon and Ask in Bandar Lengeh, Lashtan east of Bandar Khamir, Chah-Ahmad on Bandar Khamir- Lengeh road, Sar-Khoon close to Bandar Abbas. The continuation of the grand range of Zagross reaches this province, However, its altitude declines in this region, Mount Geno is 2,347 m high and stands northwest of Bandar Abbas, The Geno preserved area, which is located on the slopes of this mountain, has moderate climate, and divers flora, Mount Show, 3,681 m high, is considered as the highest peak of the region and is situated northeast of Bandar-Lengeh, These highlands are the habitat of different kinds of animals including the ram, wild goat, bear, hyena, fox, wolf, boar, and birds such as the eagle, partridge and falcon, There are different types of lobsters, oysters, snakes, alligators and turtles in coastal regions of this province, The coasts and islands of Hormozgan province provide an excellent habitat for African migrating birds e.g. the flamingo, pelican and heron.