Nature of Golestan

Gorgan River, 300 km long, originates in Khorasan, and after passing north of the city of Gorgan, it goes through Gonbad Kavoos and Gorgan plain to pour into the Caspian Sea. Its maximum rate of flow is 60 m3 per second; and the average flow rate is 8.5 m3 /sec. The Atrak too originates in Khorasan and ends in the Caspian Sea. With a length of about 600 km, it is one of the longest of Iran’s rivers. The area of the basin of this river is about 285,000 sq km. Because of its natural conditions and geographic position, the province has a large number of other rivers, notably: Agh-Band, Dahaneh, Ghara-Sou, Ramiyan and Madar-Sou. The Loveh (Galikosh) waterfall, which is one the most attractive waterfalls in Iran, is located in the small county of Minoodasht, adjacent to Golestan Forest-Park. Golestan has the benefit of the impressive Alborz Mountains, and of large expanses of greenery, forests, rivers, waterfalls etc. So, it has excellent potentials for tourism, Golestan Forest- Park, is situated between the cities of Gonbad Kavoos in Golestan and Bojnoord in Khorasan, and possesses many different kinds of plant and animal species and a very pleasant natural environment, It is considered to be one of the most attractive forest-parks of Iran, possibly the world. Nahar-khoran forest has facilities for receiving tourists, and absorbs thousands of visitors from Iran and other parts of the world, each year. The forest-parks of Gharn-Abad and Ghorogh in Gorgan and Deland in Gonbad Kavoos are other beautiful forest-parks of this province. Gomishan Marsh, 60 km northwest of Gorgan, offers a wide collection of different types of aquatic plants, and rare birds. The eight Agh-Ghola-Atrak swamps and lagoons are the habitat of numerous aquatic species and birds, The Alborz Heights separate Golestan, Gilan and Mazandaran provinces from the central Iranian plateau. This great range of mountains runs in parallel to the Caspian Sea, and on its north, close to the cities, lie many green forests. A number of important mountains of the Alborz range are situated in Golestan province including: Gav-Koshan whose peak is 3,813 m above sea level, to the south of Gorgan; Jahan Nama, 3,086 m high; Ghara-Ghaland, 3,039 m; Tal-Anbar, 3,030 m and Zilan, 2,810 m.