Nature of Gilan

Gilan province offers great tourist potentials and receives hundreds of visitors from different parts of Iran and the world, each year. Covering an area of 438,000 km2, the Caspian Sea is the largest lake of the world and lies on the north of Gilan province. The beautiful long coastline on the Caspian Sea, large expanses of greenery and forests close to the sea, the highlands, olive and citrus trees, extensive rice fields, large and small marshes, roaring or calm rivers, mineral water springs, diverse wildlife.., give this province great charm. Sefid Rood, with a length of 765 km, is the longest aid largest river of this province. Its average flow rate is 132 m3per second. In the Manjil region, the great dam of Sefid Rood has been constructed over this river, which has created a “lake”, covering an area of 56 km2. Other major rivers of this province are Pol Rood, Shalman Rood, Kargan Rood and Shafa Rood. The mineral spring of Kalshtar in the Manjil region gives water that contains bicarbonates and calcium sulphate. It is used for curing rheumatism, digestive system diseases, and for soothing the nerves. The water also has an anti-toxic quality. Other mineral water springs are Sang-rood in Rood-bar region, Shourlakan close to Rasht, and Cheshmagol in Sangar region. Covering an area of more than 100Km2, the marsh of Anzali lies south of Anzali port and plays important natural and economic roles in this province. It is the basin into which many rivers flow; its water is fresh and yet it is connected to the sea. So, it is an ideal place for the fish to spawn. Each year, between 10 up to 12 million migrating birds come to this marsh during winter. The surface of this marsh is covered by different types of aquatic plants such as the water-lily which give a great deal of beauty to it. This marsh attracts a large number of tourists to Gilan province, each year. Natural forests of the north of Iran run along the northern skirts of the Alborz range of mountains. This forest strip covers a length of 800 km and passes through the provinces of Gilan,Mazandaran and Golestan, About 550,000 hectares of this forest are located in Gilan province and play a vital role in the ecosystem and economy of the region.