Nature of East Azarbaijan

Aras River flows along the northern border of this province as a natural boundary between the province and the two republics to its north. This river provides the region with water, hydroelectric power and many opportunities for recreation. Aji-chai, also known as Talkhe Rood, is another river of this province which is some 160 km long. It originates in Sabalan Mountains and ends by pouring into Lake Urumieh. t3harnghouichai, 150 km long and Ahar-chai, 132 km, are the other major rivers in this prosperous province.
Lake Urumieh lies to the west of East Azerbaijan. It has certain unique natural characteristics which have placed it among the internationally recognized World natural landmarks. The water and the silt at this lake are used for curing skin and rheumatic diseases. Every year, a very large number of visitors come to the shores of this lake, to ports like Sharaf-khane and Rahmanloo to benefit from the curing effects of the lake.
Lake Ghoori-goul lies close to Tehran Tabriz road and is one of the main tourist sights of the province. It also has positive effects on the natural environment of the region.
East Azerbaijan has many mineral water springs, the most important of which are known as Goshayesh springs, close to Maraghehh, to its southeast. They are located on the two sides of the river Moordi-chai. The water that flows from them contains calcium bicarbonate and gaseous magnesium which help increase the hemoglobin's in the blood and to regulate the digestive system. Of Sarab, Abras and Allah-hagh in the city of Sarab, and Taplapan and Varchooi in Maragheh, are other major mineral water springs of this province. In the charming village of Kandovan, Whose plan and pattern follow the rock formations and the highlands, there is another potable mineral Water spring whose water believed to cure renal diseases.
Kabuotar cave close to Maragheh is the largest cave of this province and is famous for the wells that run deep down its floor, and for its striking lime sediments and stalactites. The island of Eslami, 347 km2, is the only habitable island
The Lake Urumieh, and has a population of 8,000. While it is surrounded by the highly saline water of Lake Urumieh, there are many fresh Water springs on the island, It is green and fertile and a habitat too many birds such as the flamingo and pelican.