Nature of Ardebil

Aras River, 1,072 km long, forms a natural border between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan. As Aras is very steep, it cannot be used for shipping. However, this river plays an important role in irrigation of surrounding lands and supplying power to the region. Several major dams have been constructed over this river. The most prominent are Aras and Mil-Moghan which collect large amounts of water behind them. The area of the Basin of Aras River is 100,000 km2. It runs eastwards and finally ends in the Caspian Sea. Balighi Chay rivers passes across the city of Ardebil, and joins the Ghara_Sou River, which in turn passes along some distance through Meshginshahr and Dashte_Moghan regions, joins the Aras. The inactive volcano of Sabalan gives to Ardebil province, especially the city of Sare_Eyn, in the west of Ardebil, several mineral springs. These springs attract thousands of visitors to Sare_Eyn region, each year. The water of these springs is warm and gaseous, containing sodium bicarbonate and calcium chloride. The temperature of the water from these springs is between 40°C to 50°C and is thought to be helpful in curing rheumatism soothing nerves and arthritis. The water that issues from Bileh_Darreh spring, north of Sare_Eyn, contains calcium bicarbonate ,and is similar to the Cachat_Evian spring in France, which can be used in curing kidney troubles, digestive systems, the liver, and the urinary system. The Inactive volcano of Mount Sabalan, which has a peak 4,811 m high, stands west of Ardebil city. There is a beautiful lake within its conical crater whose contents are ice and snow. Ice pillars around this lake are a great source of attraction. Sabalan region is very rich in flora and fauna. The mountain feet offer an excellent habitat for natural flowers including the lily, wallflower, buttercup, and red rose... This region has remarkably diverse wildlife such as the wild goat, brown bear, fox, deer, wolf, partridge, and many different species of birds. The beautiful waterfall of Goorgoor lies on the northern side of the mountain, at its foot. The marshes of Molla Ahmad and Houshang Meydani have given this region a great deal of attraction. There are numerous preserved areas in this province. A large number of lakes, natural marshes, mineral water spring, impressive mountains, preservations, diverse flora and fauna, and finally its desirable honey make Sabalan one of the most attractive mountain regions of Iran and perhaps Asia.