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Tehran bazar

The maze of bustling alleys and the bazaris that fill them make Tehran Bazar. a fascinating, if somewhat daunting, place to explore. Traders have been hawking their wares on this site for nearly a thousand years, but most of what you see today is less than 200 years old; it’s no architectural jewel. The bazaar encompasses more than 10km of covered stores and has several entrances, but it’s worth using the main entrance, in a square opposite Bank Melli.  The warren of people and goods is a city within a city and includes several mosques, guesthouses, banks, a church and even a fire station. Most lanes specialise in a particular commodity: copper, paper, gold, spices and carpets, among others. You’ll also find tobacconists, shoemakers, tailors, broadcloth sellers, bookbinders, flag sellers, haberdashers, saddlers, tinsmiths, knife-makers and carpenters. The carpet, nut and spice bazaars might be the most photogenic and also catches the eye.